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The Top Selection of Depth Camera
for Your Smart Robot Design.

eCapture Camera Development Kit Makes Building Smart Robots Easy



By combining AI and 3D sensing, gather a higher level of understanding on your physical space to make more informed and effective decisions.

Streamline Vision Processing

The stereo depth camera along with its software middleware packet feature streamlines vision data ready for an effective neural algorithm process.  Using stereo depth neural vision sensing, perceive surrounding of the mobile robotic designs in 3D.

3D Mapping and Navigating

With stereo depth sensing solution, enlighten Visual SLAM functions like Position estimation, Self-localization, Robustness to environmental changes, map creation and obstacle avoidance.

Spatial AI Enabler

Synchronous and high performance depth map data along with RGB image allow AI engine to recognize and track environmental objects in real-time for navigation and manipulation.


Robustious 3D Sensing Platform for any Robotic Sensing Design

Join the eCapture community and start building intelligent machines with the eCapture SDK and its plugins.

Industrial Robots

Robotic Arms, Forklifts, Robots Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Picking Robots.

Commercial Robots

Building Cleaning Robots, Metropolitan Autonomous Shuttle bus, Retail Inventory/Waiter/Kiosk/Security Robots.

Service Robots

Merchandise and Parcel Last-Mile-Delivery Robots, Security Drones, Automated people following hand-truck.

Agricultural Robots

Vertical Farm Irrigating, Fertilizing and Harvesting Robots, Self-Driving Tractor and Lawnmower.

Fast Time-to-Market

We offer multiple different configurations to better suit your needs and product requirements.  For customers who are looking for closer integration and a more flexible form factor, as well as lower cost, we offer our custom camera modules.


Advantages of Using eCapture Camera Development Kit for Robotics

Our 3D sensing platform comes with many benefits: Off-The-Shelf subsystem for a quick integration that saves months of tests and trials, flexible software control GUI and wide-range middleware wrappers for fast-paced computer vision and AI projects.

Plug&Play Development kit

Camera supports standard USB connectivity and UVC/UAC compliant for easy system plug&play.  And the comprehensive software and wrapper support everything you need to implement the robotic functions.

RGB/Mono Stereo and Depth

Configurable capturing modes to output high-resolution, high-frame rate RGB/Mono images with high-accuracy depth to boost your AI performance.

Optimized 3D Vision Pipeline

Embedded State-of-the-art ISP and depth processor optimizes the 3D vision pipeline for streamline data processing.

Synchronous Image, Depth and IMU Stream

No post-processing needed, all output data is accurately synchronized at output stream and labeled with counter stamps.

Passive and Active IR Stereo Depth Acquisition

Camera uses general-purpose image sensor and patterned IR for image capture and depth creation.  It can work under natural light outdoor and low light indoor conditions.

SDK and Wrapper for Embedded Platforms

The eCapture camera and SDK allow you to add spatial AI in your design and port to industrial standard host processing platforms.  Various application oriented wrapper are also available for your programming work.

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