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Stereo 3D Capturing with Affordability

2 Sensors, IR Projector, and a powerful IC at it's heart

Global or Rolling Shutter

The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 comes with a global shutter sensor and rolling shutter image sensors. This allows for application-driven selection at the best value while providing you with intact data reading.

Entry-Level 3D Camera

Whether it’s your first time using a 3D depth camera or you’re using it for prototyping or academic study, the eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 is the perfect entry-level 3D camera for you. It has a working range of 35cm to 2M within 2% depth precision.

50° Field-of-View (FOV)

The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50’s 50° FOV scans and models an object with spatial context. These data can be applied to 3D Machine Learn (ML) algorithms to achieve anti-spoofing AI enabled edge processing for various applications.

The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 is a stereo 3D capture camera that is equipped with 2 images sensors, IR projectors, and a 3D Computer Vision processor at its heart.

Flexible 3D Volumetric 

The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 features 50° FOV with a rolling shutter option that gives you the benefit of lower power and lower-cost 3D capture. Meanwhile, the global shutter option gives you a camera that performs well even when it’s in motion.

Image by Louis Reed
Robotic Arm_edited.jpg

Versatile Application &
Cost Effective

The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 is a cost-effective entry-level 3D camera as it provides a wide range of applications. The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 is a good selection for entry-level 3D camera design as it is feature-rich and easy to set-up at an affordable price.  It is ideal for start-ups and small businesses, hardware prototyping, educational and innovative software applications.


The global shutter G50 is perfect for co-bot and handheld volumetric image scanners, while the rolling shutter R50 works best for stationary image capturing, such as arcade gaming and facial recognition or authentication.

Edge Computing and MediePipe Enabled 

The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50, like other eCapture Depth Cameras, comes with the Software Development Kit (SDK),, which is also compatible with Google’s MediaPipe sample code. This gives you the fastest way to experience computer vision, 3D machine learning, and edge computer vision technologies.


Binocular Frame Synchronization

The eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 comes with a high-performance image processing chip, allowing the 3D facial recognition camera to capture the same frame on both image sensors. This can provide data for developing visual SLAM algorithms and minimize errors from unsynchronized frames.

Technical Specifications 


Experience the Power of the eCapture Depth Camera R50/G50 

With 50-degree dept FOV, global and rolling shutter image sensor, and other helpful features, the R50 and G50 are the only entry-level 3D cameras that you need. Order yours today.

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