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Depth-Sensing Technology is Changing the Robotics Industry

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


Computer Vision for Robotics Comes into Focus


Automation enables businesses and individuals to more efficiently accomplish repetitive tasks or gather large quantities of data. By some estimates, 50 percent of all tasks will be automated by 2025. With this dramatic change comes the demand for robots that not only perform single pre-programmed tasks but that can also meaningfully interact with the world around them.

When robots can see, measure, analyze, and respond to their environment, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

To bring these possibilities to life, the robotics industry is increasingly adopting computer vision technology which allows robots to sense depth, navigate landscapes, and recognize objects, people, and scenes. In the last several years alone, the demand for computer vision technology that is reliable and performs across a variety of conditions has grown rapidly. High frame rate and depth accuracy provides the data needed for delivery robots to recognize obstructions so that they can successfully avoid collisions. Similarly, many robots need to be able to distinguish foreground objects from background and measure and understand shapes. In the warehouse, shipping, and retail segments, there is a growing demand for robots that have Volumetric Measurement capability and can measure objects in all three dimensions simultaneously with low measurement error. In the world of mobile robotics, SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is essential — low latency, low power, high-quality localization and mapping that allows robots to quickly calibrate their location. In many cases, developers need to make use of multiple sensors in one robot to gain a deeper and broader view and richer, more varied data. To this end, robotics engineers need low-power, high-performance sensors, in a small form factor, that are able to be easily integrated into their designs. Easy-to-use, leading-edge computer vision cameras enable use cases from pick and place warehouse robots to retail greeters to smarter robot vacuum cleaners.

eCapture Advantage

The eCapture family of cameras is the broadest product line of computer vision cameras on the market. Different form factor allows eCapture depth camera to perform in multiple environments in varying conditions. The broad range of capabilities of the eCapture family of cameras is anchored by a single, uniform Software Development Kit (SDK) across the product line. This makes it possible for developers to adapt quickly, easily use multiple cameras in a single solution, and realize a faster time to market. The combination of the eCapture family of cameras’ range of capabilities, small form factor and single SDK delivers an overall value and price performance that is unique in robotics. This price performance fills the needs of a wide range of customers, applications, and use cases across a variety of industries.

  • Industrial/Manufacturing

eCapture depth-sensing technology drives a range of industrial applications that allow factory robots to deliver parts to workstations on the factory floor and cleaning robots to avoid obstacles in homes and commercial settings.

  • Warehouse/Logistics

In the warehouse, depth-sensing technologies make it possible for logistics managers to calculate volumes, take key measurements, and move objects from place to place efficiently, with the help of robots.

  • Retail

In retail, Intel technology is being used to redefine the inventory process by providing cameras that can be used to scan and calculate inventory as a robot navigates store aisles in real time.

  • Healthcare

In healthcare, robots are used to transport medicines, diagnostic equipment, and thousands of linens from room to room and wing to wing each day.

eCapture Technology drives exciting and innovative robotics solutions

  • Smart Following Car

The following car, guided by eCapture cameras, provide reliable, durable, and affordable small form factor units for warehouse and industrial application

  • The robotics revolutionizes automated warehouse fulfillment

The Robotics is an automated piece-picking solution that revolutionizes e-commerce order fulfillment. The robots use eCapture cameras to quickly identify and handle items at high speeds with high reliability.

  • eCapture makes commercial cleaning robot smarter

The Cleaning Robot using eCapture technology navigate autonomously to safely and efficiently clean commercial environments.

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