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Super Small, Super Accurate

Smaller than an eraser, but more accurate than a ruler.


Super Small 3D Camera

less than 5 cm x 2cm in dimension
It’s a super easy fit!

Global Shutter & Best Value

Capture 3D when in movements without image distortions.
Best in class performance with a small cost.

Structure-light Fusion 

Bandpass filter at 850nm with Active structure light algorithm achieving mm accuracy within 120cm of working range.


Short Range Accuracy

High framerate, High Accuracy with low data rate. 
G53 sees cable a
nd small objects with precision at near range.

Object Avoidance

Best in class solution with the best field of FoV among all obstacle sensors.
Helps the machine to cover more area. Avoiding more problems.


Super Light, Like It Flys


Less than 30 grams in weight,
G53 is a fit for most products.
Offering 3D data at a light price too!

Global Shutter

eCapture employs Global Shutter, a technology to realize simultaneous exposure of all pixels of both cameras. In rapid-moving shooting scenarios, the technology can effectively reduce image distortion to provide more accurate image.

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