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Silicon Driven, Wide FoV

Taking  Depth Application to the Most Applicable Scenarios

Real-time and High FPS

On-chip Depth Generation up to 60 FPS with outstanding  precision and accuracy performances.

108° Diagonal Field of View

Generate depth resolution up to 720p 
with horizontal FoV of 100° and vertical FoV of 67°.

Spatial Information for Detection & Avoidance

Empower your system with spatial context when running 
machine-learning or AI algorithm functions. taking your product development to the next level.



Depth camera G100 is part of the eCapture™
global shutter series of cameras. The latest depth‑sensing hardware and software package creates plug-and-play integration experiences. Perfect for developers and innovators wanting to pack depth sensing to their devices. 

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Eyes of A.I.

Giving intelligent devices and systems the ability to perceive the world with more information. Enabling Machine-learning and advanced computer vision to perform human-like reactions. Like dodging an obstacle, planning a route, understanding its surrounding, and many more!

Interleave Mode 

Which on-chip depth engine packed with a proprietary color processing pipeline. with Only two sensors, eCapture generate a depth and RGB streams from the same set of hardware. offer more synchronized data for sensor fusion. Less is better, don’t you think so?


Infrared Active Light

The eCapture camera has built-in active IR illuminators, allowing for visual binocular plus structured light fusion. This enhances recognition accuracy for white walls and untextured objects, and also enhances vision in completely dark environments. 

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