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Elevate Perception to Understanding


eCapture Camera Development Kit helps to Grasp and Conceptualize the Environment for your Machine



eCapture technology can bring the best experience of virtual and augmented reality. The camera can empower your innovation of an immersed virtual reality where the real and virtual merge seamlessly at VR/AR/MR systems.  


3D Scanning & Volumetric

Being able to scan a person, object or place has been the fundamental driver for 3D technologies for many years. With eCapture stereo depth cameras, accurate scale models of objects and scenes can be fast and easily created. 3D scanning and volumetric solutions with eCapture stereo depth cameras can be built together with tablets or other devices for a portable scanning product.

Auto-pilot Drones

With the increasing popularity of both commercial and consumer drones, more flying smart features are added to get a better maneuvering experience.  eCapture stereo depth cameras not only can be adapted for the design in safety assurances with route planning and obstacle avoidance, but also to improve the ability of cursing in GPS blind zone area.

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3D Anti-Spoofing Authentication

By combing the depth data into a RGB 2D facial identification algorithm, the facial recognition devices can increase the accuracy and can't be spoofed with a 2D photograph. Using eCapture stereo depth camera in the 3D facial authentication systems is also able to identify someone from multiple angles under all lighting conditions, making any depth based system much easier to use than 2D counterparts.

Object Measurement

There are many scenarios needing an accurate 3Dobject measurement: retail packaging, interior design and furniture placement. eCapture stereo depth cameras give highly accurate dimensional data that can be used to measure objects of any size or shape with ease.

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Intuitive Interactive Experience

eCapture stereo depth cameras are essential for the front-end visual process and an Edge-AI enabler that make interactive gaming, touch-less human-machine-interface HMI,  unmanned store check-out system and many other interactive designs possible.

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