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About eCapture

eCapture provides 3D stereo depth camera solution services using the advanced vision technology developed by eYs3D. The stereo vision devices embed the eYs3D vision processing SoC to compute stereo depth data, without having to rely on the GPU/CPU at the host.  eCapture also offers software development tools for its products that allow for ease of integration into Windows®, Linux and Android OS environments.

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About eYs3D

eYs3D provides a full end-to-end Computer Vision platform and Solution.  Ready-to-use hardware and software development kits make product design easy for a wide range of Edge-AI Computer Vision functions, such as touchless control, anti-spoofing facial recognition, object & people recognition, VSLAM and event understanding.  Currently eYs3D chip technology is embedded in Valve Index VR HMD, TECHMAN Robotics, and in a consumer cleaning robot, among others. eYs3D is located in Taipei, Taiwan. For more information visit their website.

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